new tunes

I've shared the first four tracks off my upcoming LP, Need Something over on bandlab. Six more songs on the books I'll be finishing in the next couple months. Maybe sooner, ya never really know. Probably a couple months. Gonna be a good one. I'm thrilled.

The Red Skulls Shock Opera (remastered)

  Visit Compound Pictures to discover the world and film (The Red Skulls) which inspired the above album, which was originally recorded some time in the last 8 years, I dunno. album credits: Cory (guitars/vocals) - as Tito Jared (vocals/keys) - as Jack Kevin (vocals/percussion/keys) - as Lester Laura (vocals) - as Jess Michael (vocals/guitars/chordette) - as … Continue reading The Red Skulls Shock Opera (remastered)