The Perfect Guide To Rattled Swords

Distract no differences regarding indolence of seated sins. Beget no patient sky's inception on a whirlwind. The mountains call to me and I've not seen them in some years, you see. I'm just a passing gaze upon a side street. No shivering deception casts a net. A package was delivered but it didn't arrive. Just … Continue reading The Perfect Guide To Rattled Swords

Thoughts In the Belfry (a folk song)

What follows was written in chunks from beginning to end one morning yesterday. The melody followed, and my notes are included here. Song to come shortly. Thoughts in the Belfry part one Oh to con society and figure on sleep. Oh to be a weary man who can't very well see what is rush houred … Continue reading Thoughts In the Belfry (a folk song)

And To Sleep

To ease, there is a stepping stone forgotten of a sergeant's skeptics, sinister on ice. My ears belie to notice sticks and stones beneath my feet-- a distance courting high regard to peasants. We lower middle class. We homes with rooftops. We internet and phones. We detached proletariat all sent off alone to be the … Continue reading And To Sleep

Two Poems in the style of Frank O’Hara

Congress Reaches $2 Trillion Deal Congress reached a deal! I’ve been reading the news compulsively and this morning I woke up and did the same while drinking my coffee and smoking my cigarettes coughing and hoping it isn’t the literal plague how strange all of this is how devastating as the sun hides behind clouds … Continue reading Two Poems in the style of Frank O’Hara