1858 Steinway Square Piano

I am an old piano Born in Manhattan. And with barely 70 keys, I still sit grand But not a Grand Piano. I'm ornate, it's true, And one-of-a-kind. A gift for a wealthy child at first But he never played me. I just sat in the corner of his room and looked pretty. Over the … Continue reading 1858 Steinway Square Piano

The Strand Shelving Shift

And I'm still half asleep as the morning bell sounds. I shower, shave, and make coffee. Forty-five minutes on the train to Union Square, where there are too many people sleeping on the ground. I take myself inside and the store's still in shadows-- And I'm going down stairs masked from the bit of daylight … Continue reading The Strand Shelving Shift

The Interaction (a very short story)

It is October 2017. New York City. The Borough of Queens. I'm on a stone path which leads to the train station, the Long Island Railroad. I'm smoking a cigarette. A man approaches. "Money. Give it to me." He says. I look up and I see his eyes, narrowed yet wide and unhinged. "Brother, I've … Continue reading The Interaction (a very short story)