As I Leave You With The Weather Every little thing that’s past is goneOnly what you fancy figures onwardWhen exactly what is right is exactly what is wrongAnd to the step you’re reaching leads to shivers shalledSo walk alongTen cents only richer by a song Long across is nature’s simply sparseLazy days are sutures for the darknessAnd just about as daring … Continue reading As I Leave You With The Weather

new tunes

I've shared the first four tracks off my upcoming LP, Need Something over on bandlab. Six more songs on the books I'll be finishing in the next couple months. Maybe sooner, ya never really know. Probably a couple months. Gonna be a good one. I'm thrilled.

Thoughts in the Belfry: Essays on the Songs

Listen to the album here Thoughts in the Belfry Introduction Welcome to the listening experience of a lifetime, of eight songs I wrote years ago that never got their fair shake in recording technique, arrangement, nor execution, as well as one new thirteen minute epic poem set to two chords and a classic folk melody … Continue reading Thoughts in the Belfry: Essays on the Songs

Listen With Headphones, Between The Notes

Out July 12, 2019 This album was born on the streets of Queens. I've been in New York for only two and a half years, and already I am a changed person. Am I a New Yorker? I dunno. Probably not. But this is a New York record. It's about aging, I guess. But aging … Continue reading Listen With Headphones, Between The Notes

Carousel: Essayed Addendum

Track One: The Day After Election Day Literally written the titular day after election day, 2016. I had fallen asleep the night before, awakening at 3am to the sentence spoken, "President Elect Trump." I remember looking up at the television; it was blurry, of course, as I wasn't wearing my glasses. I remember seeing the … Continue reading Carousel: Essayed Addendum