about me

In August, 1988, I was born, Michael McGuire, to two beautiful people whom I love dearly. I was graced with being able to grow up with three older sisters. They’re lovely and I love them. Those of my family who remain on this plane of existence still get along and speak often.

Some 30 years since I was placed into the arms of my family, here I am in New York City.

Funny how life happens.

The Supposed So started in 2009 as a recording vehicle for songs I was writing; now still writing. And writing and writing. Sometimes I’m still The Supposed So. But also there’s Dad’s Typewriter music, also. So be it.

I’m always searching for inspiration, and it certainly began at age 6 with The Beatles. It was at that age that the Anthology series was being televised, and it was back in the day where there was rabbit-ear-tv, so I could watch for free – and I remember I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I memorized that first 2-CD collection, which was my Mom’s.

After that came my obsession with everything 1960s counterculture.

Since then, I’ve been to lots of places with music. Overall, I’d say that if it’s true and raw and poignant and interesting, I’ll like it.

When it comes to my music, I’ve made a lot of it: 30some releases – LPs, EPs, and singles. Check the music page on this site for lists and links.

As far as my writing goes, I’m always doing it in one form or another. So far, I’ve written four complete works of fiction, and a collection of short stories.

Also, three works of poetry. And a collection of essays, and odds and ends.

I live in Queens and am currently in school at CUNY Laguardia for Creative Writing.

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