As I Leave You With The Weather

Every little thing that’s past is gone
Only what you fancy figures onward
When exactly what is right is exactly what is wrong
And to the step you’re reaching leads to shivers shalled
So walk along
Ten cents only richer by a song

Long across is nature’s simply sparse
Lazy days are sutures for the darkness
And just about as daring is to declare the passing yards
To care as much for you or i to put the harm
To flaming cars
Side stepped nearly nickels by the yarn

Checked out to fair the well
Hang around for me, my belle
Seems a distant struggle
Seems a wishing well
Seems at least as big as boasting begs to tell

I see a shadow spinning
I see the earth rotate
I hear a washboard singing
I see its magistrate
I see a fine forgiven
I hear apologies
I see a blind man dancing
I hear his doorbell ring
I see an able body
Crawling from the gate
I hear his mother screaming
To spare the poor man’s fate
I see a dollar billing
I see the love it takes
I see a passion spilling
I see a judgement day
I hear that blind man swearing
That he can see through me
I see my own self running
To hide behind an old oak tree
I see the passing of the hours getting late
As I leave you with the weather

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