The day is spent waiting around.
Hurry up and wait.
Wait ‘til Allie wakes up before using the coffee grinder.
Wait ‘til nine for the dispensary to open.
Wait to get home to smoke.
Wait ‘til noon for a beer.
Wait ‘til one for the bookstore.
Wait for the mail to come.
Wait an hour between cigarettes.
At least an hour.
Wonder what the next thing is to wait for.
Is it dinner?
I do like dinner.
I even like cleaning up afterwards.
I like being drunk in the evening with Allie
as we talk ourselves silly or watch a movie on the projector.
We wait for the movie to end.
Wait for a decent hour to call it a night.
Wait to fall asleep
so I can wake up early in the morning.
I can’t wait.

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