Two Poems in the style of Frank O’Hara

Congress Reaches $2 Trillion Deal

Congress reached a deal!
I’ve been reading the news compulsively
and this morning I woke up and did the same
while drinking my coffee and
smoking my cigarettes
coughing and hoping it isn’t the literal plague
how strange all of this is
how devastating
as the sun hides behind clouds today
there is no rain in Jersey
I have been through so many
life-changing situations
and this is the worst of them
even as all I do is hang around
hoping that the government will help us
and they will!
I wonder what two trillion dollars even means

Just Stay In

Do you know what we’re having for dinner
something warm
maybe fish and french fries
it’s called fish and chips in england
I wonder what england is like
we were going to go but the borders are shuttered
maybe sometime in the future
I’m bored
how can you be bored
there isn’t anything to do
we have the whole breadth of the internet
the internet bores me
your mind goes inward to infinite
I don’t understand infinite
I don’t either that’s what’s so great about it
I’m bored
go read a book if you’re bored
the library is closed
just like england
just like the US too
everything is closed
let’s just stay in
we’ll find something to do

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