A Letter To Fife or, an artistic description of the fourth dimension

Dear Fife,

I want to talk to you for a moment about how we humans see and think. We humans see in four dimensions: Space, Time, Perception, and Imagination.

**Space, of course, is very simple to understand. It is the distance between two sounds or objects. Any time there is one sound or object – whether it be the biggest thing you’ve ever seen or heard, or the tiniest thing you could ever imagine – there is and forever will be space between them. I, being a musician, think about it like musical scales. The space between the notes decides how the song will go. Almost like the beat of a drum, or the heart the same.

**Time, of course, is relative to where you are on the planet. If you understand it, think about Time like the time zones. If you don’t understand those, try thinking about time like Santa. If Santa lives at the North Pole, then it must mean that time at the North Pole is shorter than Time at the South Pole, and all across the world must be different too. Languages, even, sometimes are different depending on where you go.

But let’s get back to Santa. You see, Santa is able to deliver all of those presents to children every year because to Santa, there is enough time in one night to travel all over the world, if he should be invited. Some people don’t know about Santa and that’s okay too. Those people have other traditions that I don’t know everything about. But I was raised Roman Catholic (which is a kind of Christianity, of which there are many different kinds), so this is how I need to explain it. Although I should note that Santa probably has never heard about our fancy toys way up at the North Pole, and his elves can only make so much by themselves. And the traditions other families have are just as precious to them as Christmas is to Christians.

***Perception is a bit more difficult to explain. So, if you don’t understand the way I explain, I want you to try and find someone who can explain it a bit better for the way you learn.

The way I can explain it, is that a perception is based on the way each human soul looks at the world around them. And to me, the Soul is very much the whole of the body, and mind, and also the Spirit of every other living creature who has ever lived. And that includes the planets and the stars in our galaxy – the Milky Way – and all of the other stars and planets that we can’t even see with the most powerful telescope! Which I think is quite special.

Now, that doesn’t mean there are such things as monsters or ghosts – or even aliens, for that matter – but it is so much fun to pretend. And we shouldn’t be scared of what we sometimes think we might see, because it is often just our…ready?!

***Imagination! Of course, everyone has their own personal imagination, and it is also quite important to share that imagination with anyone at all.

What do we humans call all of this? Why, that seems to depend on the language they speak. I call it God- the complete connection of the three dimensions I just described as well as that which we each can only imagine.

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