10 Jokes

-What do you call a rabbit that’s been sitting out for a while?
-A dust bunny.

-Why did the dove fly south for the winter?
-Because it’s warmer.

-Knock Knock
-Who’s there?
-Rabbits who?
-Nah…owls who

-Knock Knock
-Who’s there?
-Piglet who?
-Piglet Jackson the third. We had an appointment…

Two people meet on a barge. One says to the other, “Ya think?” the other replies, “What do you mean?”

-What did the fan say to the paperclips?
-“I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a really big fan.”

-Why couldn’t the crow sit over the traffic any longer?
-It was out of breath from warning all the pedestrians.

-What did the flower say to the pasture?
-“I’m right outside the fence”

-Who were Mozart’s influences?
This one’s not a joke, I just want to know.

-What did the doctor say to the leaky watch?
-“I’m afraid you’re running out of time.”
(written by allie)

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